Programs and Support

Care Coordination and Support

We are here to help you with the healthcare system, which we know can sometimes be confusing. We will also help with other services that you may need, such as school services, housing services, waiver supports or habilitation services. For more on those services, visit our Resource page.

As a member of ForeverCare, you will always have Care Coordination support. Your ForeverCare Care Coordinator provides you with a friendly face who will help work with you and the people who are your supports, whether that is family, friends, or caregivers.

We will work closely with your providers, to help you with your healthcare needs, such as helping you manage your medication plan, a self-care plan that looks closely at your physical or behavioral health concerns, and helping with health education.

ForeverCare and our Care Coordinators are the partners you need for coordinating community and healthcare services.

Care Management Programs

ForeverCare Care Management programs help you get all of the care, support, and coordination you need to lead a healthier, fuller life. Your Care Coordinator will:

  • Call you to discuss your care
  • Help navigate the care system
  • Coordinate services through all doctors, specialists and other support services. 
  • Manage appointment schedules
  • Create a coordinated treatment plan

Behavioral Health Management

Your care coordinator will work with you and your care team to create a care plan. This plan will help you and your providers to manage your health.

Depression Management

Living with depression can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Let us help.

Health Awareness Series

Get Informed. Get Educated. Get Involved.


Living with diabetes can be tough, but you can manage it with good self-care and communication with your healthcare providers.

Heart Health Foods

5 Foods That Will Win Your Heart & 5 That Will Break It

Suicide Prevention

Learn some of the warning signs to help prevent suicide.

Can You Prevent Diabetes?

View some steps you can take to prevent or delay type 2.

Combating Childhood Obesity

Encourage children to get moving with a few activities that are good for burning calories.

Quitting Smoking

View the benefits of quitting and make a plan to quit.

Why A Healthy Heart Is Important

You can’t live without it.

3 Tips to Help Manage Your Diabetes

You can still live a long and active life with diabetes with the help of these three basic tips.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Read about some of the common signs.


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