Who We Are

We Are Changing the Face of Healthcare

Our goal is to nurture a relationship where ForeverCare is trusted by our members and their families, caregivers, peers, providers, stakeholders, advocates, the community, and the State as a leader in administering innovative quality services while paying close attention to the responsibility of being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. The ultimate outcome of this it to improve the health and quality of life of our community and its residents.

Who We Are

How We Came To Be

In an effort to improve the quality of care and spend tax dollars appropriately, Arkansas explored multiple alternatives to the current Medicaid Fee for Service model. Under Act 775, Risk Based Provider Organizations will become responsible for integrating the physical healthcare services, behavioral health services, and specialized home and community based services for a group of Medicaid recipients. This lead to the creation of PASSE (Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity) and ForeverCare.

What is a PASSE?

A PASSE is a Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity that will be certified to perform the administrative services of care coordination and claims management to support direct service providers throughout Arkansas as they care for individuals served under this program.

A PASSE is owned by a group of providers that unite around a common set of principles to enhance the delivery system throughout Arkansas. This group of providers will partner with an insurance company or administrative services organization to fulfill requirements set forth by the State:

  • Ensuring every member has a medical home
  • Ensuring each member’s plan of care is being met
  • Organizing a formal network of providers
  • Ensuring every member receives the medically necessary services in his/her plan of care
  • Providing care coordination for every member
  • Sharing information and data with affiliated providers, members and family members, as appropriate
  • Reporting necessary data to ensure accountability and measure performance